“What is a Virtual Assistant?”

The clue is in the title right? A Virtual Assistant is an assistant… who works virtually. *confused face*

I get it though. When I first heard of a Virtual Assistant, I googled the exact term “What is a Virtual Assistant?” (Crazy, right?!)

What Is A Virtual Assistant Sarah Kay VA UK

A VA is a PA/EA etc.

Some people just don’t actually use the term “virtual assistant”, they could use Freelancer, personal assistant (PA), Executive assistant (EA) or office assistant.

Take a look at the duties and responsibilities of a PA. Most of these apply to a VA too! Some VA’s actually call themselves PA’s/EA’s to help people understand what they do and I totally get why they would want to do that.

The difference is that a PA or EA is not known to only work virtually, where as VA’s are. Can you see how the term “virtual assistant” was coined?

You don’t need to provide a Virtual Asssitant with office space

The most essential things that a virtual assistant needs are their laptop and an internet connection. My home office is pretty well equipped with the standard equipment you would expect. I have a printer, scanner and a transcription kit to name just my essentials. That’s more than some VA’s I know.

It doesn’t matter whether you have only a laptop or the full monty in your home office. As long as you can get the work done that your client requests.

Take a look at my home office (if you want to be nosy) 😉

You don’t pay employee benefits/holiday pay/sick pay etc 

This is where the relevance to a freelancer comes in. A Virtual Assistant runs their own business so all these additional expenses are on them. A VA has a business mindset, much like you, they know that they have to keep their business running smoothly.

A good VA will have equipment backup in place, should they need it.
A great VA will include a backup team of trusted VA’s so that business keeps running smoothly if life throws a curveball!

You only pay for the time that is actually completing your work.

Yes, the hourly rate of a good VA is higher than the standard hourly rate of a full-time office employee. The difference is that you only pay for the work you send over.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a much more efficient use of your business budget.

A VA has a timer in the background, they select the correct client and work away. The timer is ONLY running for the time that work is being completed for that client. I even pause the time to take a loo break!

Remember the business mindset I told you about? A VA knows that their business depends on being reliable, trustworthy and as efficient as possible. Plus you could always request a detailed time log report from your VA if you wish. These are easily downloaded within minutes.

You can outsource to match your budget.

Some business owners worry that they don’t have the budget for a VA.

Start small and outsource within your budget (I accommodate my clients’ budgets) even as little as 1 hour a week can make all of the difference to you, your business and in turn, your income!

If you hate having to schedule social media. If formatting and uploading your blogs takes you a couple of hours extra that you just don’t need. Or you find yourself managing your Facebook group for more hours than you actually sleep. Why not outsource those?

You get to focus on generating more business

Ever heard the phrase “too much time working IN your business, not enough time working ON it?” It’s true right? I’ve been guilty of it too.

When I built this website I spent a lot of time working on the website. I needed my business to progress to the next level but during that time my VA income took a nose dive. I didn’t take on any new work from my clients, I scheduled in my website design when I could have been generating more business. Thankfully I’m in the business of website support so building my website helped me learn amazing things to assist my clients even further but it definitely hit home, the amount of work I was losing out on while I was engrossed in my own business building.

Can you imagine if I felt I had to do that with other elements of my business every week? I’d have no money! Arghhh!

So many entrepreneurs and business owners feel like they have to do everything themselves. Here are the top excuses (I mean, reasons) why you might not want to hire a VA right now.

I hope I’ve helped de-mystify these crazy creatures we call “Virtual Assistants!” 🙂

Are you completing work you that’s NOT generating business?

What’s stopping you from hiring a VA?

Check out the services I could offer you for as little as 1 hour.

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