How To Set Up Rich Pins In WordPress in 4 Easy Steps

Rich Pins are Pins with that extra boost. They include more information about you and your business and will ensure that your pins have maximum impact on Pinterest. Every entrepreneur or blogger that uses Pinterest to boost their traffic should use them.

There are currently 6 different types of Rich Pins.

Enabling Rich Pins can seem complicated especially if you have stumbled upon Pinterest’s own explanation of how to set up Rich Pins!

What Pinterest?! Not everybody is a website scientist!

Forget Pinterest’s guidelines because they are just too complicated and nobody got time for that! Instead, follow these 4 simple steps to set up Rich Pins below.

How To Set Up Rich Pins In WordPress Sarah Kay VA UK

Here are 4 easy peasy steps to set up rich pins in wordpress

Install Yoast

If you don’t already have the Yoast SEO Plug in for your WordPress site, why not?

Yoast is an excellent free plug in (premium versions are available but free is always in the budget!)

If you don’t know me by now… (you will never ever ever know me… ahem) then you will know that I like free. Doesn’t everyone? Don’t get me wrong, I do pay for premium products when needed. Sometimes you definitely get what you pay for especially when it comes to products for your business and investing in your business is so worth it! If I do pay subscriptions for things then I like to explain my reasons for upgrading. I will always research free first and possibly buy later.

On this occasion the free version of Yoast is GREAT! Download Yoast for WordPress here

If you want to know some great things that you can do with Yoast, you can read more about Yoast here.

Enable Advanced Settings Pages

Click the FEATURES tab in your Yoast Dashboard and select Enabled under the “Advanced settings pages” section.

Validate your WordPress site on Pinterest

Follow this link to Pinterest Validation Tool and insert one of your URL’s from any of your blog posts. It doesn’t matter which one, but it can’t be your standard blog home page. Pick any blog post, insert the link and click Validate.

Click “Apply”


Simple as that!

Pinterest may contact you if they have any questions but the majority of the time you will receive an email from Pinterest letting you know your Rich Pins have now been activated.

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