How I Find 30 Blog Post Topics in 20 Minutes or Less

When I first started blogging every week was a struggle. While I felt like I knew what my audience wanted, writer’s block would hit me square in the face every time I attempted to put fingers to keyboard.

I’d schedule time in my calendar to write my posts on a Monday for it to be added to my blog on the Wednesday. Putting myself in that position made me feel under pressure. I needed to find what I wanted to write about, actually write it, create the pictures, include the links and upload this all onto my website. Not to mention the SEO and sharing of the content too!

It was overwhelming, but the BIGGEST hurdle was not planning what I was going to write about until I had to write it. To avoid my writer’s block I needed a list, and I needed one fast.

Since implementing the tips, I now have a structured list of blog topics that I can create in record time (for me!). I can batch them for the month and avoid the overwhelm. Creating a blog ideas list also allows me more time to research my chosen topic, to find interesting links and statistics from other websites that I can refer to. And to know when I could create a series of blog posts to better serve my audience.

Check out how I continuously add blog ideas with these super quick research ideas!

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How I Find 30 Blog Post Ideas in Less Than 20 Minutes

Searching through Google search terms.

I will use the example for website for a wedding planner or wedding blog for this example but you can use any term that fits your business!

Go to Google Search Engine and type in the first generic keyword that you would like people to search in order to find you. For example; “Wedding planner” (Note: this is a HUGE search term and it is NOT being used for SEO purposes, this is for blog topic research only)

Use the “blank” function from Google by adding the underscore icon before, between or after any word in your search term you will see alternatives to your keyword. This will provide with longer keywords (known as long tail keywords)

Let’s try it:



Try alternating where you insert the underscore to find alternatives.

From the steps above I can now add the following to my blog ideas list:

  • How much do wedding planners cost
  • How much do wedding planners make
  • Wedding table planner
  • Wedding planner book (a great idea for an opt-in or content upgrade!)

The next step is to use the common “Who/What/When/Where” functions within these search terms. These will help you find long tail keywords that you could potentially use in your SEO efforts.


I would add the following to my keyword research list:

  • When to hire a wedding planner
  • Why should I hire a wedding planner?
  • What does a wedding planner do?
  • What is the best wedding planner book?

You don’t want to add too many blog posts of the same subject to your website so check back through your list from time to time to make sure it’s not an idea you’ve already listed.

Searching YouTube for Keywords

You tube is also a great place to search for ideas for blog posts. I input a search term “wedding planning” into You Tube and chose a video on “wedding planning tips”

You don’t have to even watch the video if you don’t want to. Just scroll down to the comments and start picking relevant questions that people have asked. From doing this, I have been able to add the following long tail keywords to my list.

Don’t worry so much about getting the exact keywords for now. The point of this exercise is to find blog posts for your niche. We can refine them later.

  • Renewing your vows
  • Wedding planning tips
  • How to plan a wedding on a budget?
  • What do you have as wedding favours?
  • How to DIY your wedding
  • Tips for recording your own wedding.
  • What to do after your engaged.
  • How to start planning your wedding.

I’ve added all of those to my list of blog ideas from ONE video, imagine how many you can get if you have a peak at the comments from a couple more?

Grab my super simple Blog Ideas Spreadsheet Template to help you organize your blog content.

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Facebook Group Search

Join groups that are in line with your niche and where your target audience hang out. There are literally thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to all kinds of subjects from crocheting to dog grooming to online entrepreneurs…

Shamless plug! Check out my Facebook Group Online Success Chasers for access to a community of entrepreneurs that want to grow their business online. I’ve recently created this brand new Facebook group and our numbers are growing. Come and join us!

I find TONS of inspiration from the Facebook groups I am part of. Just type in the topic you wish to research and FB will show you all of the questions that have been asked previously.

You can always ask your fellow group members too! Questions like “What’s the one thing you wish you knew about planning your wedding?” “Biggest wedding blunder you’ve ever made?” The answers can be pretty awesome. It can also show you the type of language that your audience uses and popular words that you can think about including in your blog.

Instagram Hashtags

Searching through Instagram is as easy as Sunday morning. (woo, Lionel!)

Start with your chosen keyword, I have “wedding” as mine. Instagram will fill in popular hashtags that will work for your biz! From typing in “wedding” Instagram has suggested #weddingdress #weddingday #weddingbouquet # weddingband #weddingfun #weddingstyle… I could go on!

I’ve been able to add the following to my list.

  • How to choose your wedding bouquet
  • Do you need a wedding band?
  • How to put the FUN back into your wedding planning
  • Top 10 tips on styling your wedding
  • Different types of wedding dresses

Twitter Hashtags

Twitter does not suggest different hashtags for you but you can search a specific hashtag using the ones suggested in Instagram and then search for questions or popular topics people may be talking about around that hashtag

Ideas I added to the list from this method:

  • Should you allow children at your wedding?
  • Wedding etiquette – The do’s and don’ts of weddings!
  • How involved should your partner be with the wedding planning?

Pinterest Inspiration

I just love Pinterest! I use it for my business, for finding inspiration for my blog posts and I even have some secret board for all of the things I want to pin that don’t relate to my business. You can follow my Pinterest boards for online business tips and tricks here.

I search Pinterest in much the same way as I do with Twitter and Instagram minus the hashtag. So I type in the main keyword. This time it’s “wedding” and I note down the suggestions that Pinterest provides. You can type in “wedding bouquet” and see suggested keywords here too.


Viewing just a few pins on here can spark HUGE blog topic inspiration!

I added:

  • How to your chosen few to be your bridesmaids?
  • How to entertain kids at your wedding.
  • Themed weddings, should you or should you not?
  • Gifts for the groom.
  • Wedding guest attire.
  • How to reduce your wedding guest list without annoying anyone!

This exercise is something I do for my clients on a regular basis and provide them hundreds of blog topics for their niche. This is to show you an example of how quickly you can create ideas for your blog posts using these methods.

Other tips you may find useful:

  • The goal here is quantity NOT quality! (I know, weird right?) Just concentrate on writing as many ideas as possible. You can refine later!
  • Keep a notepad or your phone handy (who doesn’t?) for when inspiration strikes. Saving your blog ideas list in an online document such as Google Docs enables you to always have access to it. Download my super simple blog ideas template here!
  • If you find inspiration from somebody else’s blog post, make sure you change and improve on it. Nobody likes a copycat. If you are creating a new post, make sure the content is unique to you and your business and has your stamp on it.

How do you find inspiration for your blog posts?

Share your tips in the comments below!

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Grab my super simple to use Blog Idea Spreadsheet template and organize your content!