How to Stay Motivated When You Are an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial road is a  bumpy one.

Some days, we can wake up with the motivation of a bull that’s been shown a red flag. We are out to get what we want and we want it now! Our reckless abandon can get us amazing success too. These are the days we have no fear about what could go wrong when we know everything that can go right.

Other days, not so much.

We want to spend the day chilling out on the sofa with a glass of wine and a good book. Or soaking in a bubble bath with another glass of red wine and perhaps a little bit of Michael Buble, playing quietly in the background. (just me?)

We are allowed the off days as we are the good ones. Just because we have the off days doesn’t mean we are automatic failures.

This journey we are on can sometimes feel like we’ve taken three steps forward and two steps back but the fact remains that we are still moving.Click To Tweet

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But how can we stay motived as entrepreneurs on this crazy roller coaster of a journey?

Sometimes all we need is a quick fix, a boost of motivation to see us through.

Watch an inspiring Ted Talk from your favourite thought leaders

Some of the best motivation I have received are from listening and watching Ted Talks on You Tube. There are some inspirational people out there. People that dedicate their lives to motivating others.

The most recent one I heard was this one from Les Brown. Yes, he can be a little shouty at points but it’s his emotion, he REALLY wants you to get your butt into gear!

Think back to the reasons why you started this business in the first place.

What did you want to achieve when you first started your business? Are you there yet? No? The truth is, as entrepreneurs, we are never truly done. There is always something more to strive for. Think back to how you felt before you started your business. The days where you still had a 9-5 (or perhaps you still do and that was ALL you had)

Be proud of what you have accomplished so far. Note down all of your milestones since your business was born. Realise that, at a point in the past, you doubted those milestones you’ve achieved too. But you did them, you got the t-shirt. So you can hit another milestone with just as much drive as you did the last.

Take a look at your vision board. If you haven’t made one. Make one!

A vision board is a collage of pictures, quotes and dreams that inspire you in your business. Print all of the things that inspire you to keep going, that you dream about achieving one day or motivational quotes and pin them to a board. Stick this board to the wall in front of your eyes. If you travel a lot with work, make a screen saver so you can see it every time you click to your desktop.

Some things I have pinned to my vision board

  • A picture of my fiancé and our little family. Our dog and our two cats. There’s one of us in front of the Christmas tree with the biggest grins you have probably ever seen. It is ultimate happiness. I want to keep that feeling.
  • Pictures of the Almalfi Coast, the Sardinian sea, the back streets of Italy, the sunset in Bali, the northern lights in Iceland. All places I want to see. (there are so many more but I had to be choosy) Having these locations on my vision board motivates me to reach that level of financial freedom that will allow my partner and I to travel to these places whenever we like.
  • Crow pose #yoga – this is in no way related to my business, but it’s a personal goal I would like to achieve one day. If you haven’t heard of crow pose. It’s a particularly tricky pose (for me) where you balance on your hands with your knees on the top of your arms and lift your feet off the floor. Yeah, it probably is as tricky as it sounds.
  • Inspirational quotes from other entrepreneurs that inspire me to keep going. I have so many I love to use as motivation so they change often. Some of my favourites. “What is not started will never get finished.” & “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right” Read the other 48 quotes from entrepreneurs here.
  • A rather expensive house that we want to aim for as a family. The amount it costs is firmly rooted in my memory so that I can go for a particular monetary goal until I achieve it.

It may sound naff, but it certainly works for me!

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Mediation should be done every day. Most entrepreneurs know of the power of meditation. Those that haven’t have most definitely heard of it but haven’t tried it yet.

Meditation is not “clearing” the mind but “calming” the mind. It’s all about slowing down your racing thoughts and attempting to find stillness.

We can be so rushed with all of these ideas whizzing about in our minds that we don’t know even find time to eat because we are too busy completing, thinking about or dreaming up the next big idea for our business.

Mediation can slow all of this down. Give it a try, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day first thing in the morning.

I can guarantee you, if you still with it, you will feel the benefits too. Your mind will be clearer, you will be able to concentrate on the things that matter most to your business right now.

Join a group of like-minded people

If you haven’t yet joined our growing collective of Online Success Chasers on Facebook, you can join here. I’m very honoured to have this growing community of entrepreneurs that ask questions and provide answers. It’s amazing what a group of like-minded people can achieve. Don’t miss out!

It’s a proven fact that when you have people that are after the same goals as you. Even if it’s only small amount of people. You are kept motivated and accountable for your actions. Get a friend or a loved one to check in on your progress in your business. Don’t be offended if they then take you up on the offer and you have nothing to show for it when they ask you the question. It’s a reminder not to procrastinate.

Get your butt in gear!