How To Hide Images In WordPress

Hey! It’s me again!

Hopefully you’ve stumbled upon this blog post because you know the reason why you would want to hide images on your WordPress website. But maybe you’ve come across this post because you want to know…

Why on earth would someone want to HIDE images on their blog?
Surely all images are worthy of being seen?
You don’t want to take up valuable space on your server with images that are hidden!
How does this make any sense?!

You absolutely do want to hide some images on your blog post, and here’s the MAIN reason.



Why Pinterest?

The potential for Pinterest to grow your traffic to your blog is HUGE!

People gain huge jumps in website traffic through Pinterest as soon as they start to use it regularly and implement effective tips. (Some of which I gave them. *smug face*)

I talk about how you should use multiple images for your post in my blog about images for Pinterest here. But you won’t find those images strewn across my posts because I don’t want to annoy readers by having so many images that you can’t see the text.

In the blog post, we talk about image size, orientation, how many you should have per post – among other brilliant tips – so we know that your blog post should have at least 3 images.

You won’t see three images here until you click the “Pin It” button.

We want to have as many chances to promote our own blog posts as possible. After all, if we don’t promote, who will?

Why So Many Images?

Having multiple hidden images for each blog posts is beneficial to you because:

  • Different people like different looking pins
  • It allows you to trail a few images, monitor the results and see which style works best for your audience whilst still maintaining your brand.
  • You can pin and share a different image to the same blog post and nobody will be any the wiser.
  • You can include other images that work for social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • You don’t cram your blog post with huge images when people just want to read the goods!

So How Do I Hide The Images?

Here’s how

Type up your blog post as you normally would. Write it, edit, format, upload, optimize etc. Upload all of your images into your WordPress media library. Some people do this from the media section on the dashboard, while some prefer to upload the images while they are adding the post. Do whatever works for you.

Upload one image that you want to have as your main image. I like to put this at the top of my posts after a short introduction, as you can see in this post.

At the very end of the blog post, upload (if you haven’t already) and add the remaining images that you want to include but remain hidden.

Go to the text tab on your WordPress blog editor.


From this tab you will see your blog post in code form. That’s why I advise you put the images you want to hide at the very end of your blog post so that the code is much easier to find. You may have both image codes aligned right after another. Train your eyes to see where one code begins and another ends.


Next add the following simple code at the beginning of your image code. (You can copy this code straight from this page and paste it in)

<div style=”display: none;”> 

and at the end of your image code.


Here’s an example with the additional style code in blue.


That’s it!

If you go to preview your blog post you should see the first featured image and any other images you’ve added in the blog content but NOT the two images you decided to hide from view.

Try testing out this blog post.

If you have the Pin It extension, click it here and you should see the other two hidden images to choose from.

Got any extra tips on hiding images for your blog posts?

Share them below!

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